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Hello! We are blessed that you have time to visit! I just want to tell you a little about the mission and how it works. At this mission everyone is qualified and no one is turned away.

This is a FREE store and we carry everything from clothing, toys, housewares and more.

We do require an I.D. with a picture on it, the I.D. doesn't have to be from Florida. If you do not have a picture I.D. we take a picture here at check out.
If you have children we ask for their I.D. as well. Now you have several choices  1.) SS Card 2.) Medicaid 3.) School I.D.

We keep on file, the day you visited in-addition to what items and how many went with you under your own account name. Its hard to remember when you visited last so we keep track for you. Even though we exchange no monies we still experience the check-out procedure.                             

The reason is this:
If its on a hanger 10 items, if not 2 items.

EXAMPLE: If you have a family of 3 that would be 30 clothing items gifted to your family once a month.
Everyone in your family is allowed 10 FREE pieces of clothing (undergarments don't count as part of the 10) All other items are 2 each.

The Food Pantry: FREE
Our small pantry services mostly the truly homeless. If you live in a tent then you get a "Brown Bag Lunch". We also keep a data-base on who is receiving food from our pantry once a week.

The Mobile Pantry: FREE
If you live in a house, apartment can get SNAP Assistance.
The mobile pantry visits FROG every Tuesday from 1pm-4pm. 
Most food pantries require.
1.) Local I.D.
2.) Rent/Lease Agreement in your name or letter from the owner that you rent a room from the house they live in with their signature and yours.
3.) Utility bill dates no more than 30 days ago.

Shower: FREE
We have a simple, hot/cold hose-fed shower for homeless to use. We  supply towels, razors, soap, shampoo/conditioner, tooth-brush/paste. Every one signs a general release.

WiFi: FREE Use the house computers to sign-up for government assistance, check emails, search jobs. NO SOCIAL MEDIA.

Fax: FREE We will fax your documents for you after we give it a quick review and you sign the registry.